Friday, November 30, 2007

Rural BPO : A successful implementation by an inspired engineer

I was reading up a bit on the rural BPOs online after Santosh's talk the other day. I came across this interesting and inspiring article about a 23-year old engineer's endeavours and success in the rural BPO field in India. She put to use the same idea put forth by Santosh , about having locals working close to where they live. This way they earn money and do not have to leave home and other responsibilities.
The reviews of the rural workers' efforts have been summed up in the article by on of the firm's using this service as:
"The workers in the rural areas are more committed and hardworking. So, their quality is very good."
, which is definitely encouraging.
It is truly admirable how some people want to leave their luxuries in order to make other people lives better and also highlight how rural areas are potential powerhouses waiting to be explored .

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