Monday, December 10, 2007

Learn your Vocabulary and Feed the poor.

Yes we have already given our GRE's and gone through the task of learning a lot of words. Those words were learnt so you could get a good score, which would equal to an admission in a good college which would equal to a good future. Now here is a chance for you to feed people by learning your vocabulary or testing it.

Freerice is a website that has created a beautiful virtual bridge between the privileged and not so privileged. The more words you get right on the site the more grains you donate. If your wondering how they manage to do this here is the gig – they use the money by the advertisements on the website to truly buy grains of rice for the less privileged. The rice is distributed by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). The World Food Program is the world's largest food aid agency, working with over 1,000 other organizations in over 75 countries. More facts on the same here.

This is a great example of how technology is being used to bridge gaps and serve a greater purpose. On that note lets tests our vocabulary as we donate some rice.

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